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SIM BackUp for phone book

SIM Card Phone book Back Up



>  The SIM Backup provides users with the ability to make an electronic copy of the 250 Telephone Numbers and names on SIM Card of their mobile phones. If your mobile phone is lost, stolen or renew your mobile phone in the future, the saved data can be written from the SIM Backup unit to a new SIM Card quickly and easily, with no cellular down time.


> This easy-to-use Backup product removes the hassle of having to manually input Telephone numbers and name onto a new phone, saving time and also avoiding the problem of inputting numbers incorrectly.


SIM Card Information


> Even if the batteries go dead on our unit, your data will never be lost.

> To erase the unit, simply insert an empty Sim card and press the Backup button.

> First time use : Do NOT press the restore button. If press, you will lose all data on your SIM Card.














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