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Hyper Card 3G.
We’re the 1st one released solutions for 3G Dual SIM. Now, you can connect to 3G / Data network and make Vidoe calls. Click for more info






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We’re the 1st one released solutions for Sharp 904sh Unlock and Dual SIM for iPHONE.

iNEX HS128 Controller is used on



iNEX has been established since March 1999, has played a leading role in Computer-Telecom products worldwide. Their strong R&D team, efficient service and critical QA commitment has helped in achieving our reputation today. We have been developing, manufacturing and exporting excellent products which has helped computing life of mainstream consumers in many ways. Our trust is based on the company philosophy :



Hyper Card 3G

Now supports 3G network, Voice / Data/ Video call …

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Hyper Card 3G User Guide(中文)
Hyper Card 3G User Guide






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